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Dial Magnetic Pheromone Infused Body Wash

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Hey all, I’m here to tell you about my amazing experience that I had with Dial Magnetic Pheromone Infused Body Wash.

After seeing this in the grocery store it immediately grabbed my attention with it’s sleek and eye catching appearance.

I read through the ingredients and soon found that it contained androstenone!

Androstenone is a well known, and highly researched pheromone.

Being into this kind of thing I had to pick this product immediately and see the results as soon as possible.

This is my week long experience of using the product every day, before I hit the town to experiment.

I woke up at 9:30am hopped in the shower, and applied a generous amount to myself, and washed thoroughly.

It had a very nice, clean, fresh pleasing aroma.

I got dressed to impressed and headed out the door.

First stop, Starbucks – As I walked through the door I was immediately greeted by a cute little brunette behind the counter.

She smiled, and greeted me with a “good morning sweetie, you look nice today.” I smiled back and said “good morning.”

We continued to talk and the conversation soon turned into some genuine interest from her.

She got so caught up in the conversation with me, that it had been several minutes, and she had totally forgotten to ask me what I wanted.

Finally she snapped out of it, and asked what can I get for you.  To which I responded “A upside down vente, caramel mochiato.”

She stood there astounded.  Mouth to the floor, complete loss of breath, and like she had seen a ghost.

She blurts out, “You must have amazing tastes in lots of things.” I smiled and responded, “Of course I do,” grinning.

I asked her when her lunch break was and she responded, “12:30.”  I simply said, “I’ll see you then.”

Long story short, I took her to lunch, and am now dating her.

I meet an amazing girl, one who may have never given me the time of day normally.

Something was different this day, the attraction was undeniable, and natural.

This product has worked wonders, and now I have a gorgeous girlfriend.  It’s truly something special.