Creative Zen Vision:M

Creative Zen Vision:M

Hello everyone,  I’m here to tell you about Creatives answer for the Video IPOD, the Creative Zen Vision:M.

I bought this player about 3 years ago.  I got it refurbished for quite a steal.  Right out of the box it was quite the excellent MP3 Player.

Drag and drop file transfers, great features including  playlists,  and file formatting.  The sound quality is very good.  With my Shure SE530 music sounds extremely rich and vibrant.

Love the 30 GB size, it’s held the perfect amount of music for the last 3 years.  Creative no longer makes this player, it was discountued for certain reasons. Now they make just the Zen,and various other smaller players.  I’ve been very satisfied with my Vision:M, overall.  Only running into one problem – which I’d love to share with you guys who may be experiencing the same thing, and how to fix it.  If you are having problems charging your Zen Vision:M this is for you.

Due to problems with the internal firmware, the battery can not charge from the USB charge – when near dead, or fully dead.  The firmware has to kick in

to allow the player to be recognized via USB, and charge.  THE SOLUTION: Use an AC home charger to fix this problem, and get your Zen working


The first time I had this happen to me, I had no idea what was wrong with the player, and I honestly thought it had broke on me.  After countless tries of charging it via USB unccessufly,

I bought a home wall charger and low and behold, ZING!  My trusty MP3 player was alive!

The Creative Zen:Vision M is truly an outstanding MP3 player.  It has been through a lot of good times, and bad times with me, and it’s still ticking.



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